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Dentists and patients agree: dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. Unlike other dental prosthetics, implants function and feel more like natural teeth. Regardless of whether you are missing one tooth or several, implant-based restorations are the ideal way to reclaim your ability to speak, smile, and chew with ease. As an added bonus, implant-based prosthetic teeth will never get cavities and are more resistant to stains than natural enamel!

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As a fairly recent innovation, many patients are unaware of the benefits of dental implants. Over the past 30 years, implant research and innovation have led to a restorative option that is light years ahead of traditional dentures. Patients who have made the switch to implants will tell you: the benefits can only improve your quality of life. Here are the top five benefits they report!

1. Stability and Comfort

Traditional dentures are famously prone to discomfort and instability. Since losing teeth causes gradual changes to the dimensions of your jaw, dentures must frequently be relined or refitted, lest they rub against the mouth and cause gum sores and oral lesions. Additionally, plates often slip loose when eating, which can be incredibly embarrassing.

With implants, however, once your prosthetic teeth have been attached they will be as stable as your natural teeth. Dentures are securely attached to the implant bases, and don’t come loose unless you remove them intentionally. This sturdy attachment means the denture will not rub uncomfortably against the gums when you eat.

2. Confidence in Your Appearance

Implant-based restorations benefit from the most beautiful and lifelike materials. Porcelain crowns and bridges are constructed to mimic the hue and luster of natural enamel, and will fit in seamlessly with your natural teeth. Implant dentures are equally attractive in their appearance. The realistic “gums” are made from an acrylic base, with a hard acrylic arch of “teeth.” They can even be designed to look more like the teeth you have lost. Most importantly, when you know your prosthetic teeth are attached securely, you’ll never hide your smile again.

3. A Long-Lasting Solution

Perhaps the best part of implant restorations is the fact that once the process is complete, you’ll never need to think about them again. They replace your natural teeth permanently. They will not need to be adjusted, and they rarely break or crack. Many patients can wear their implant dentures for the duration of their lives with no issues. You will still need to visit a dentist, of course, as gum tissue is still subject to infection—but your crown, bridge, or dentures will need little more maintenance than your routine daily cleaning. This contrasts sharply with traditional dentures, which must be relined or refitted regularly, as the dimensions of your jaw change over time.

4. Maintaining Facial Structure

If you’ve lost teeth, jawbone loss is an inevitable outcome. Facial diminishment may happen gradually over a period of 10-20 years, but it cannot be avoided if you wear traditional dentures. When we lose our tooth roots, it triggers the body to stop maintaining the bone with vital minerals and tissue-building processes. Because implants are anchored and fused to the jawbone, this gradual process can be avoided entirely! Implants allow you to maintain the shape of your face, eliminating this drastic sign of aging.

5. A Versatile Solution

Since implants function like natural tooth roots, they allow for a greater range of individually designed prosthetics. If you still have a number of healthy teeth, a unique prosthetic can be designed for your mouth. In many cases, fewer extractions must take place, making treatment more conservative. For patients missing only one tooth, a single implant can eliminate the need for a bridge, which can stress the healthy teeth adjacent to the gap. With implants, more solutions are possible.

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