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How’s your smile?

We all try to take care of our bodies. We try to eat right, exercise, and avoid unhealthy factors that cause illness. Primarily we do this to extend the length of our lives, as well as the quality—but it also feels good to look good. Looking your best is the way you show the world you are healthy, and enjoy interacting with others.

Do you want to improve your smile? Call our Anderson, SC dental practice today at 864-261-3132 for a cosmetic dentistry consultation. Carolina Oaks Dental Care would love to help you look and feel your best!

For the most part, maintaining the health of our teeth is routine: brush, floss, and use a rinse or toothpaste to stave off the pigment stains left by everyday foods, such as coffee and red wine. You may need an occasional filling or root canal, but as long as your teeth our healthy and bright, they will contribute to an overall appearance of good health.

For many people, however, just having healthy teeth does nothing to address the flaws and inconsistencies they see in their own teeth. As we age, we notice these more acutely, and they can lead to a drop in self-confidence. Fortunately, the advances and innovations made in the field of cosmetic dentistry offer a way to fix what you don’t like, often at a much more affordable cost than you might expect!

See Your Teeth As Others Do

We usually only look carefully at our teeth when we are brushing them, (or if we’ve eaten spinach at lunch!). The problem with this is that we see them under a flattering layer of toothpaste foam, and not as they are seen naturally by those we interact with. That’s why it can be so startling to see a photograph or video of ourselves and we ask “do I really look like that?” If you want to see what others see, take a picture of your smile only, or a video of your mouth speaking a few sentences. Many people are surprised at how different their teeth look from what they expected. Why does that tooth stick out there? That tooth has definitely drifted since I had braces.

There are several treatments in cosmetic dentistry today that can correct any aesthetic flaw. Many are more affordable than you might think. See if any of these common complaints apply to you:

  • Dull, Yellowed Teeth
  • Crowded, Crooked Smile
  • Uneven Arches, Teeth that Stick Out
  • Pointy Canines
  • Metal Fillings
  • Gaps Between Teeth
  • “Gummy” Smile, Teeth Look Too Short
  • Cracked or Chipped Teeth

Myths About Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry gives you the opportunity to feel better about your smile, by correcting any aspect you are unhappy with. Many people never consider it because they simply don’t know how versatile and easy treatments can be, or have a false impression of what’s involved.

“Whitening Damages Your Enamel” – This is not true. Do you really think dentists would offer teeth whitening at the level they do if it actually harmed your teeth? Whitening uses hydrogen peroxide to bring oxygen deep into your enamel to naturally break down the pigments that stains, without endangering the structure of your enamel. This myth may have started because store-bought whitening products can sometimes cause a burning sensation to the gums and tooth roots. This only happens when the strips or trays fit poorly, allowing the gel to spill into places it’s not meant to be. (This doesn’t happen with dentist whitening systems, by the way!)

“Porcelain Veneers Make Your Teeth Look Huge” – Perhaps many years ago veneers added to the size of your teeth, but today they are wafer-thin constructions that are custom made in dental laboratories to fit your teeth like a glove. They are so natural looking, I can guarantee you’ve seen a veneers-enhanced smile and never even suspected.

“Braces are the Only Way to Correct Crooked Teeth” – Depending on the severity, teeth that look crowded and crooked can be corrected with veneers, dental bonding, or Invisalign. If you’ve always wished you’d had braces when you were younger, you can get the same results today without the metal mouth effect. No professional adult wants to wear distracting braces for two years to improve her smile, and, thankfully, you don’t have to.

“Cosmetic Dentistry is Only for the Very Rich or Very Vain” – False! More and more people have been taking advantage of cosmetic treatments, as they have become much more affordable in recent years. Smile makeovers are an important way that dental professionals can improve the quality of life for their patients, and let them smile with confidence again.

Makeover Your Smile with Carolina Oaks

Smiling freely and laughing with friends is a proven way to make your life more joyous. Similarly, self-conscious smiles are a subtle way you close yourself off to others, which can harm both your personal and professional relationships. If you aren’t happy with your smile, people will notice whether you want them to or not.

Learn more about cosmetic dentistry by contacting Carolina Oaks Dental Care. We offer a number of treatments that can help you smile with confidence and project the person you want to be. Call our Anderson, SC dental practice today at 864-261-3132 for a cosmetic dentistry consultation.

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